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Our maroon women's suit is named after Julie Manét was a painter, model, diarist and art collector in the early 20th century. However she was best known for her teenage diary Growing up with Impressionists which provided insights into the lives of french painters Monet, Renoir and Degas, as well as events like the 1896 visit to France by Tsar Nicolas II and, yep you guessed it, the Dreyfus Affair.

  • Made from GOTS certified organic cotton.
  • Handmade by Sianthi and Athira.
  • Jackets are a boxy fit.
  • Trousers are a loose fit and straight cut sitting above the ankle.
  • Steam don't iron the corduroy.
  • Wash no hotter than 30 degrees.
  • These suits aren't always the perfect fit but we are happy to put £20 towards tailoring to make it a better fit.
  • We also want to extend the products life-cycle so if it gets damaged send it back to us and we will repair it for free!