Why Picquart?



We are known after Georges Picquart. He is best known for the Dreyfus affair from around 1894 to 1906. With the growing German power and rising anti-semitism, France was in a state of paranoia. Evidence was found a Jewish officer within the French military sharing secrets with the arch-nemesis Germany, the officers name was Dreyfus. Picquart at the time was head of the intelligence services and, under explicit orders, told not to look into the Dreyfus case.

However, something was not right about the case and he kept returning to it eventually discovering concrete evidence that it was none other than the infamous Monsieur Esterhazy. Picquart pressed forward with his accusations going against strict instructions from his superiors, risking not only his career but his life. However, his determination along with figures Emile Zola and George Clemenceau started a revolution in France against government corruption. Like Picquart we want to stand up for our principles by offering a product that has a reduced environmental impact and fair employment to people who may not be able to find it elsewhere.