About Us




Who Are We:
We are a UK based line of clothing that we hope you will enjoy wearing.
We've partnered with Krishna so she can begin her entrepreneurship dream.
She sorts our supplier logistics to support her family in Thiruvananthapuram, India.
We also work with Suresh, and, his team of 22 women that we know by name.
They make all our products by hand, are rewarded for that, and they love their job.

And for more on the principles behind our business - check out our blog.

Where Are We From:
Our fabric comes from the only Indian mill reporting on sustainability.
If details are your thing:
It's ISO9001, ISO4001, SA8000, OHSAS18001, GOTS, BCI and SAI accredited.
All our corduroy suits are made from organic cotton.
The denim jackets have a recycled polyester base fibre.

And they're all dyed using pure vegetable indigo.

What Are We Trying To Do:
We seek to ensure our clothes have no impact on the environment.
Call it "passive clothing."
And whilst we are supporting a local Indian female empowering family business,
We understand the need to support local suppliers here in the UK.
To atone for this - we carbon offset all our deliveries through 'Atmosfair.'
Yes, many schemes have their drawbacks (see our blog highlighting George Monbiot),

But we're supporting farmers in Rajasthan, India, to turn crop residues into electricity.

And Finally:
We are a platform for stuff we like, and think you might like.
And if you're still reading this, then we reckon we'll be friends.